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Licensed, Registered and Ready

Between Facebook, Linden Lab, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse, CEO Scott F. Butler (Facebook, TIlia, Credit Suisse New York & Hong Kong), has secured over two hundred payments licenses/registrations, guided companies through over fifty regulatory exams and legitimized the concepts of digital identity and virtual world economies with US and non-US regulators. His career demonstrates that driving innovation and maintaining a strong compliance program are not mutually exclusive.

Connecting Crypto-Fiat Payment Rails

Guiding companies through uncharted territory . . .

VP of Finance/Token Operations, Bina Motiram (RocketFuel, the Real Real), excels at creating smooth financial operations within complex environments.  


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Commerce in the Metaverse

Director of Compliance Melissa Marigmen (Ripple, Tilia) and Financial Intelligence Unit Manager Dong Nguyen (Tilia) were founding members of the team that brought regulated compliance to Second Life, the first virtual world.  They safely enabled commerce at Second Life, presiding over $68+ million dollars’ worth of Creators payouts and the sale of over 5 million virtual assets (in a single calendar year*) long before it was cool.

Identity and Security

Fraud and Risk Operations Manager Farzana Muhammad (Signifyd) and Cristina Pedroza, KYC and Digital Identity Manager (Mercari, Facebook), understand that game environments, eSports communities and other new economies demand flexible but effective solutions. Game mechanics can be as different as their fraud patterns. Creator economies can be as varied as the individual creators themselves. Their data-driven approach is at the cutting edge of current standards while also looking towards the horizon.

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Connect with Ease

Lead Engineer Alexandre Begin (Aptology, Ingeno) and PTI’s engineering and information security teams are ready to help your company connect to our compliance solution.  PTI can own and manage all regulated activity associated with your ecosystem through our API or handle specific non-regulated aspects of compliance in order to help your customers interact safely.

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