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Regulated Services

Provenance Technologies, Inc. (PTI) provides regulated crypto-fiat payments services embedded within a diverse set of online marketplace and virtual economies. PTI offers a simple API to connect to crypto-fiat wallet and payment settlement technology and manages related compliance functions. PTI’s solution enables the customers of its Client partners to hold stored value and engage in the peer-to-peer exchange of NFTs.

Laundering, Anti-Fraud

PTI advises video game platforms, virtual worlds and online marketplaces on payments compliance challenges and implements solutions to reduce money laundering risks, minimize fraud losses and guard against exposure to extremist financing.

Opening Doors for Creators

PTI is committed to a vision of “Community Economics” that incentivizes economic growth and virtuous cycles of trade within online communities and marketplaces. PTI works directly with Client partners to establish vibrant economies that are secure and meet financial regulatory requirements.


Currently Under Wraps

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